Friday, July 1, 2011


I have been absent for a few weeks!!  End of the school year is always nutso...then we had out annual trip to Refugio!!  FUN!!

The thing about this summer is that I get to truly enjoy it like I have not in a long time!!  I have taken most of the summer off...only going into work on Wednesdays!!  OH SO excited to spend this much time with my 14 year old girls & 12 year old son!!  I have stepped right back into the "stay at home mom" mode...and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!   So my posting will be sporadic at best.  Hopefully I will be at the beach instead of on the computer:):)

Here are a couple of things that make me smile...

Summer Laundry...linens on the line

Aebelskivers for dinner....why not???

Some signs too...ready for Etsy!!

Hope youa re all having a beautiful day!!  Happy 4th of July weekend to you!!



  1. Hi there Kristin, Sounds like you plan on really enjoying the summer. If you get bored, come join in on my Christmas in July swap and my giveaway in honor of my 200th post and my new blog look! Love ya and miss ya!

  2. Hey girl, Your poor leg. Ouch! You aren't suppose to do that just by walking. I love all your summery signs. Hope your leg is healing great. I am so happy you stopped by to enter my giveaway. Take care of yourself! lol