Sunday, April 10, 2011


So this week...I found these super cute Steve Madden Sandals at the Thrift store...GREAT condition & only $3.00!!! 

My 13 year old daughter..."No offense mom, but they kind of look like old mom shoes." 

ME:   THE LOOK..."FIRST...I am an old mom...second...just because you say NO OFFENSE first does not make it not offensive...Third...I have black nail polish on my many old moms do you know that wear black nail polish????"
On a much brighter note...I also found this WONDERFUL turquoise & white vintage umbrella...looks like it has never been used!!  The white fringe is in perfect condition and it comes with a cool metal clamp!!!  Hellow picnic table when we camp!!!  FUN!!

Hope you have had a wonderful Sunday!!


1 comment:

  1. Hi Kristin...That is the best looking umbrella I've ever seen!! I love it!!! What a terriffic find!!! Vintage umbrella, Steve Madden sandals and black toe nail polish! You are all set for some fun in the sun~~~
    Your future is looking so bright you'll need your shades too!!! lol
    ~Stacey @Lollygag-Inn~