Tuesday, August 24, 2010

California Girls...Heat Wave!!

California has had a mild summer...I mean really...it is supposed to be 90s and above most of the summer where I live.  So...I will NOT complain...but today and the rest of the week...109...REALLY????  Just when the kids go back to school...summer finally hits:):)  Oh well...maybe we will have a nice Indian Summer!!  

So something that just happened to me...walking across a busy street.  I just bought cupcakes for some friends of mine...their birthdays...and I dropped one!!!  SO SAD...it was so pretty!!  LUCKILY it dropped and did not pop out of the box...so bummer...I had to eat it. I have had a terrible headache for days...maybe I will find out that cupcakes are the cure???

Have a beautiful & glorious day!!!



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  1. Where I live 109 is the norm, but we are getting a break this weekend. On sunday morning it will be 70 degrees with the high 90. We are so excited! Your vintage pinnups are so cute!