Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fair Time!!

Do you have fond memories of the fair???  I waited ALL year for the fair where I grew up!  It was THE place to be!!  We got to wear our new school off our summer great food!!  LOVED the Fair!! 
Here in Paso Robles...the Mid State Fair is a HUGE deal!!  The whole town changes for two weeks! We go this Thursday.  I am bringing the WORLD'S BIGGEST FAN (my daughter) to the Weezer Concert!  So much fun to see my little teens get crazy excited for a concert:)  My daughter asked why the band is called Weezer...uh....hmmm...maybe they had asthma???

Hope you are having a beautiful week!!



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  1. Hi Kristen, Hey thanks for coming by for a visit. I decided to visit you and see what your 2 week vacation was like. Mine was babysitting and taking care of a new baby, mama and two year old. Daddy helped out so much too. But I sure did get some 'vintage treasure' hunting in. Let's do a little swap again in the fall. Take care and have fun getting back into real life after a 2 week break.