Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stormy Days...School Sadness...and lots of HOPE!

Ahhhh...Sunday...a day to sleep in...regroup...clean up damage and debris from storm! We had a whole week of crazy, stormy weather! Our little town on the Central Coast of Cali survived!!! Part of our fence fell down...but NOTHING really to worry about. This week we found out that our school district is laying off MORE more librarians, no more music, leadership classes...MOST sports cut and one whole campus closed. This storm is vicious and raging at all campuses and between all of us mommies. I am trying hard to think positive and stay out of the gossipy bitterness...VERY HARD!!!! Two of my dear friends are pulling kids out...taking them to private schools. Every once in a while I feel on the brink of CHANGE... a new season in life. This is one of those times! I have learned that I will figure it out as I go...and it all seems to work out...but still that word...

CHANGE is nerve wracking!!

My HOPE is that I think we have finally found a church home! We have been without one for months...and I have felt a bit lost without one! Thank You God!!!!!!!!
I am so excited for this bit of CHANGE!!!

I don't have nearly enough time to search through thrift shops like I used to....and boy do I miss it!!! I get to pop into one local place every Wednesday...for a bout 5 minutes...before picking up kids. These were this weeks treasures...and I spent less than $4...even better!!
6 SWEET little, vintage framed floral drawings.
They are so them!!!

And this lovely vintage puzzle...from 1968! The box is SOOOOOO YUMMY!!! I have no idea if the whole puzzle is there!!!

I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL Sunday evening!!!

Take Care...Kristin


  1. ackk! Stinks abuot the school system. It is amazing how the MOST important thing for our children is usually the first to go! And about the puzzle, I am posting about a puzzle later this week...just wait!

  2. Hello, sweet Kristin!
    Thank you very much for popping by my place! I love your found treasures, but I'm soooo sad to hear about all of those wonderful classes that they are cutting back on. That is a real shame...
    Try to have a great week!

  3. Thank you for your sweet comments girls!!! I so appreciate getting to "chat/share" a little on this BLOG. I cannot wait to read about the puzzle Jenny! Have a great week!!!