Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Cards...sent!

I finally sent off the last of my Christmas cards today! Every year I tell myself I am going to send SIMPLE cards. I guess I really do not understand that concept...or SIMPLE is not in my vocabulary! Such a relief to have them all finished & sent!!

My tastes have changed BIG time over the years!! It is always an inner I put out the Santas this year...Country Christmas and tole painted??? I want an AQUA Christmas...or a PINK Christmas...with GLITTER EVERYWHERE...a funky vintage tree...a different theme every year. Some of these decorations I have had for 20 years....BUT how do I NOT put out the Santas that my mom painted me...or the tole painted Nativity set??? It all makes sense when my kids go around and comment on each decoration...about how much they LOVE the gourd snowmen...and remember how we all made these here are a few pictures....

Hope you are having a wonderful Thursday!!

Peace & Love...Kristin


  1. I love the reindeer handprints! That is not one I had seen before! LOVE IT!!

  2. My dear friend...and 1st Grade Teacher for all three of my kids, has the kids make those every year in class...I love them too!! Now my kids are in 5th & their little handprints just make me smile:):)