Monday, December 13, 2010

While the Hubby is away....

What a wonderful weekend my kids & I had!  My hubby goes on a "Guys Surf Trip" every December and USUALLY I dread it.  We miss him!!!  This year, we embraced it!!!  I had a little Christmas Tag making party with some girlfriends on Thursday much fun!!!!  LOTS of laughing, eating & does not get much better than that!!!  Then I just left my craft table up with all the goodies...and my 13 year old daughters and I sat and made Christmas tags ALL weekend!! Of course the crafting was fun...BUT I cannot tell you how priceless the time was!!  Sitting and chatting with sweet. 
We stayed up really late every night watching Christmas movies...It's a Wonderful Life and many more!  We never really made dinner or meals...just sort of snacked our way through the weekend.

It was GLORIOUS...and just what we all needed. My hubby had a great time too...came back smiling.

Yes...It's a Wonderful Life!!

Happy Monday to you!!

Lots of Love,


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  1. Have you made all these Christmas piccies? They're wonderful!

    Sounds like you had the best sort of weekend ever...time with the kids...that sort of thing doesn't come in a present :-D